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Jan 27, 2005
USA has Jamie Oliver sets on sale. Whats everyones opinion on this Tfal set?

I bought a small J.O. TFal nonstick skillet (a rare purchase of nonstick for me) which was on sale for about $18 on Amazon.

I like it very much.

Can't vouch for the SS, but if the construction is like the NS, it'll probably work well.
Unless you can get the specs (how thick are the SS layers, and the aluminum layer - and the composition of the aluminum) and understand the the physics of thermal conductivity ... the best way to make a "guess" is by actually comparing one (in person) to something like an All-Clad pan by comparing it's weight and thickness. Trust me .. you can go crazy trying to figure this stuff out since nobody publishes this info. And, even if you were armed with ALL of the information - would you know what it means?

It's hard to find good consumer test reviews online where there was actual testing done .... without paying an annual subscription fee. But, I did find that the Jamie Oliver line of T-Fal got a top of the line 5-star rating from Good Houskeeping.

Personally ... without seeing it ..... I would probably trust it. Jamie isn't that big of a "celebrity" that he can afford to put his name on "crap" cookware. Humm ... he probably wouldn't want to put his reputation on the line even if he was on the top of the celebrity chef heap ...

Hope this helps.
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The Jamie Oliver like the Emeril series has a disc bottom but plain SS sides, thus the heat is from the bottom only. Calphalon and AllClad and Daniel Boulud series have sandwiched aluminum or carbon steel all the way up the sides, thus they heat more evenly and quickly.

The Jamie Oliver has great handles and ballance.

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