TGIF supper, 2024 January 5

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Sep 13, 2010
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Tonight for supper I made an easy dish I learned from a video: Pasta with Broccoli and Sausage (Classic Italian Cooking) | Kenji's Cooking Show. I made it once before. It's really yummy. I used this recipe from Chef John to make the bulk Italian sausage. I just used store bought ground pork instead of pork chunks and didn't bother with casings:

Here's what our meal looked like:

Khorasan penne with broccoli and Italian sausage.jpg
We had an easy dinner. DD picked this up from market and I made jasmine rice (butter on mine). It was good and will have again. I didn't get a picture because my phone was in the other room.

:LOL: I suspect, taxy, and read it as Andy meant he used a recipe for skewered chicken, and the same as he didn't grill them, he also didn't skewer them. :LOL: made me think twice though!

But hey! yuh never know! We'll have to wait for Andy to clarify! :whistling

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