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Bolas De Fraile

Executive Chef
Oct 28, 2010
May I wish you all a day of peace, love and fantastic food.

My kind regards from a jealous Brit:)
Thank you, BDF.

There's no reason you can't have a day of gross overeating to give thanks too. Go ahead. Start a new tradition.
Thanks Bolas! I agree with Andy, make it a new tradition! My husband's family in Michigan has a Thanksgiving feast each year on the 4th of July. Make no mistake, we still do the hotdog/hamburger cookout thing for lunch, but we then have a thanksgiving spread for dinner. They say it's to give thanks for all of our relatives travelling safely to visit.
Thank ye, kindly!!!
I agree with the others....It is simply a day to be thankful for family and friends.
And a good excuse to gather and feast...'course, most of us don't any encouragement in that area.
Thanks Bolas! We've had a good day! And everyone is right, setting aside a day to give thanks for what we have is not just for Americans...anybody can do it!
Thanks for the advice, we took Mum out for her favorite Dim Sum at her fav restaurant. Picture 346.jpg

Picture 347.jpgThe wait staff love her because of her age and the amount she eats.
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