thankyou for my happybirthday wish

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Senior Cook
Aug 11, 2008
Adelaide, South Australia
hi all it was lovely to receive my happybirthday wish have'nt been on any forums due to as the Queen put it once as a horrible year, thankgod it's all over aswell as my 22yr marriage anyway life and more life goes on :)
Nice to see you again hopefully this next year will much brighter.
It sounds as though you deserve a large slice of b-day cake - maybe even two. :)
thanks janet h im trying desperately to lose some unwanted weight emotionally and physically made a tiramisu for my birthday cake for my boy's and had to go to work came home and was lucky enough to have a knifes blade slice left to enjoy that night, seems it was too irresistible ,it was nice to see they enjoyed it.

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