THAT TIME OF YEAR...candies and cookies.

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Feb 4, 2003
Annually BW begins making all sorts of candies and cookies. In quantities adequate to ensure each individual in both China and India have at least six apiece. I become, like it or not, the official taster. (Some of her reciipes are, in my opinion, gawdawful - but you already know I'm strange)

What brought this forcibly tomind is that I just had to taste a new peanut brittle recipe - with butter. (good, but not worth the added work).

So, from now until January 1, I will not enjoy a rEally good dinner, for all her time will be taken with her "goodies".

Woe is me!
Awwwwww.......... poor sweet baby... only gets to eat candy.... no real food 8) :P ;)

I hate candy, I only make real food - so.... while you're out driving around stop on by - I'll send some "real food" home for you and BW :mrgreen:

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