"The Blessing of the Blender" Party

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Flour Child
Mar 26, 2010
North Carolina, USA
I got a new blender finally! And a good deal on Black Friday!
And based on a thread here in the discuss cooking forum
(link below includes video testing), I chose a Kitchenaid.
Thankyou NoodleIncident :)

Now I'm having a "Blessing of the Blender" Party for the fam! :LOL:
(get it? play on words "Blessing of the Hounds" in Hunt Country and England)
and could use ideas for what to blend and serve?
Maybe Margaritas and Mexican food?

I've waited a long time for a good blender...i hope this is it! I'll report back with my critique.

Post #9 youtube testing by Popular Mechanic:


Congratulations!! You have a good one there. It is funny, when I saw "Blessing of the Blender", I immediately thought you were naming it! So are you? :)

I use mine for so many things from protein drinks to soups. Possibilities are endless.
I never thought to name it...i can barely remember my own name much less my appliances :LOL:. This one better crush ice...that's all I can say
Congrats MA !! You scored the best.

There are good blenders, and bad blenders. Then there are bad to the bone blenders. :punk:

Congrats MA !! You scored the best.

There are good blenders, and bad blenders. Then there are bad to the bone blenders. :punk:


When I read "Blessing of the blenders" I thought "Blessing of the bikes." This just confirmed it!
glad i could help! its def a good blender, and i think you will really like it....it may not be a blendtec or vitamix, but its certainly better than most any other blender in that price range, and it will definitely destroy ice (easily)

what kind of deal did you get?

now that ive had mine a few months, i can add a few more comments:
the most common thing we make is frozen smoothies, but i also make soups, sauces and dressings....as long as you have sufficient liquid, the blender will tackle most jobs easily, without the need for shaking or stirring....occasionally, when i do need to shake or stir, i discover that the mixture is way thicker than i thought, and just needs more juice to get things flowing....i often use the ice crush feature to get things going, and then finish with the other normal speeds...the smoothies i get from this thing are noticeably smoother than smoothies ive made in other machines...ive gotten in the habit of holding the carafe on the base (by pushing down on the top) when blending - otherwise, you get a little bit of vibration - not sure if the vibration will damage the unit or not, but i prefer to stop it

also, soon after getting mine, i starting to get that "overheating" smell, that you usually get from a cheap blender that is about to die....it hadnt affected performance, but i gave KA a call to see if it is normal and they sent me a brand new without me even asking for one.....ive also noticed that the new one sort of has that smell, but ive been using it anyway with no ill effects....if for some reason it does become a problem, i know KA has good customer service and will take care of it

overall, im very happy....its a solid blender that works really well and has good customer service to back it up....hope you enjoy yours....what color did you get?
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After reading of the burning smell from a new Kitchenaid blender I decided to try my blender once before having my "Blessing of The Blender" party. I filled it half full of ice and the rest of the way up with milk,icecream, and chocolate sauce (no, it wasn't all for me...the kids were all having BLTs for lunch)....and...drumroll...

:clap: OoooooooooooooooMG!
It was smooth after only about 10 quick pulses!!
And no burning smell at all. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Stay tuned for the Margarita report...
i knew you would like it ;)

and that price you got is great....i looked at around a bit when i was buying, and $99 seems to be the going rate (though most places like to get crafty and list it at around $150, with a price reduction to $99)

and dont let my comments about the buring smell bother you...."burning" isnt even a good word to describe it....either way, its mild, hasnt affected performance, and if it does the customer service people are very helpful

hope the margaritas came out nice....with our old blender, i was used to having some bits of ice to chew on after making frozen drinks....after the first round with the new KA, it was almost weird to have it so smooth with nothing at all to crunch on

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