The Sunday Spread 1/31

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Dec 20, 2005
southeastern pa.
From the Grill;
N.Y.Strip, Sweet Potato Medallions.....
Cheddar-Topped Cauliflower Florets...

NY Strip 1-31-21.jpg
Pot roast, steamed cauliflower, mashed potatoes, mushroom & onion pot gravy and a slice of buttered bread.

Pot roast with gravy, mashed russets, honey ginger roasted carrots and homemade biscuits. I'm kinda stuffed now!
Everything looks amazing!!! We worked on trying to get the kitchen back together, so ordered to have things carried in. A shrimp basket for me. Pizza for Frank. :)
I still feel like I'm waiting for a migraine. We ordered from Dagwood's, a local sandwich place. I had the roast beast sandwich, with cheese, lettuce, black olives, pickled hot banana pepper, pickle, and "Dagwood's sauce". DH had the "Dagwood", which has cheese, and bunch of kinds of meat cold cuts, plus the sauce and some other toppings. We both had it with whole wheat buns.
Banger and Mash. White cheddar and creamed leek mashed spuds, bacon onion gravy.


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