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Pigs On The Wing BBQ

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Apr 29, 2005
Akron New York
Who has the oldest Weber? On the top lid vent there is a number or letter, that will tell how old it is. A is stamped on mine. Weber tells me that that was made in 1979. Give them a call.
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Would make a great crapper for when at deer camp. Now a person might want to just hover on that deal. Not sure how much weight that gizmo could take. Surely could max it out with a fat boy who sit down on it. Now us poor underpaid pubic servants cannot afford to buy a Weber..but fortunantly I snagged a lid off one on yup trash day several years back. Started to throw the whole shebang in the trunk but the rude yup had left it full of ashes and tofu patty remnants burnt on the grates etc. It makes a great interior artificial ceiling for Fred when he is in the upright direct mode. It says EZ on there. Now whut do that mean? Thanks.
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