Throwing away by gasser.... anyone want it?

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Senior Cook
Dec 22, 2007
Marina del Rey
Up for the taking is my built-in 36 inch DCS, with 2 side burners and the island.

Sorry that it's in California cause you all could have it.

It's going to be junked in a couple of weeks because of my newest purchase.

Anyone see it?

Really, if you're in California, know a few strong guys and have a truck the island and grill are free for the taking!

I need the room.

Dang never recall wishing to live near Sunny CA but now I wished it was closer. You fixing to throw away some high dollar stuff Boy. Post it on ebay and Craigs list afore you go giving it to some knothead. Just my .02 of course:)

The thing is that you are all friends and I don't want some stranger coming over.

Think I have the problem solved though as one of the guys at work might take it.

The DCS is about 15 years old. It's done me well!
That Boy been hanging around too many Ubangis with the neck ringletts etc. The neck on that haid is way too long. Glad to see you found a good home for the cooker possibly. Reminds me of the day I gave the neighbor my giant Projection TV for free which cost about 5 million dollars new. Had to make room for a big flat screen ya know?

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