Tin kitchen (Reflector oven)

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Apr 10, 2004
Johnstown, Ohio
I bought this from Williamsburg a few weeks ago. It's a handmade reproduction of a late 18th century fireplace "oven." It's made of tin and uses the reflective interior to help cook all sides of the meat while it is turned on an iron spit. This is a 12 lb turkey that's about 30 minutesf from being done. It took 2 hours at 325 on the thermometer and turned out awesome! The secret was basting the turkey with bacon grease!

Hm. Try
Could you please make the pic bigger? Kidding Charcoal! You got the hang of it! Great pic.
I'm loving the reflector oven Damp Charcoal! Where did you buy it? Do they sell online?

And I must say............bacon grease is the key to many luscious dishes! Pork fat rules!!!!!!!!!
Looks nifthy. I'll have to share that with my bbq buddies.
Hey, choclatechef, I bought the Tin Kitchen from the Prentis Store in Williamsburg but the Tinsmith who built it is from right here in Ohio. His name is Carl Giordano and his website is www.cg-tinsmith.com. It ain't cheap! $395 plus shipping. I bought it because I like to learn how cooking was done back in the day, gives me a better appreciation of how certain dishes evolved, I guess. Next I want to try a ham! You're right, pork fat makes everything taste better! :D
Whoa! This is a little rich for my blood right now.

Maybe when I win the lottery I can buy it. Thanks for the link!
Yeah, it isn't cheap but nobody has ever accused me of being sane! Heck, I just bought a piece of you-know-what truck for $200. Pretty sad, huh? :LOL:
DampCharcoal said:
Yeah, it isn't cheap but nobody has ever accused me of being sane! Heck, I just bought a piece of you-know-what truck for $200. Pretty sad, huh? :LOL:
Did you finaly get that old International Charcoal? Was it a Scout? I can't remember.
No, the Scout was sold before I could get it! Instead, I got a sweetheart deal on an '82 Ford Ranger with only 52,000 miles on it. I call it the 'Danger Ranger' because when I start it up in cold weather, jets of exhaust shoot out in all different directions from underneath (numerous holes in the pipe) and looks like it's either preparing for lift off or wants to explode! :LOL: The fact that it has no floorboards means that when I drive it, I have to drive with the windows down so I don't die of CO poisoning! I'll get a picture of it running for you, it's pretty comical! Otherwise, it runs like new! :D
everything tastes better in bacon grease..

btw, very cool oven d.charcoal. at first i thought you meant a solar oven, like the ones used in survival training...
Hi, Rainee! I'm counting the days 'til the chow chow comes...What are all the ways you use it?? It's awesome on hotdogs!

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