Tortilla taco maker

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Dec 31, 1969
I am looking for a gadget used to cook tortillas that form a taso shape. As i recall from child hood it had a handel like a pair of scissors. Where would i find it?
Taco maker!

Take a wire coat hanger and bend it in the middle over a broom handle - put the tortilla in and bend the "hooked hanger" over to hold it in place - hold it by the 2 "hanger ends" and lower it into the oil - now you've got REAL Mexican tacos! - R/ Bill :twisted:
Taco mold

I have been using a mold made from the bottom of a large (36 oz) coffee can. Just bend it over a broom stick. The sharp edges can be smoothed a bit with a file. Be careful even if it is smoothed it can still cut:)

I will coat both sides in the oil. Using tongs, fold the tortillo around the mold and fry to the desired doneness.

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