Trader Joe’s Belgian Cookie Assortment Review....

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Nov 8, 2004

Well this is supposed to be a new item at the place.

One box of 42 cookies was 4.99

The box has three different cookies in two packages. I love the two package idea.

You get in the box:
lemon-flavored waffle cookies
almond butter thins
almond butter thins with strawberry bits.

To me the almond butter thins with strawberry bits were the best cookie in the bunch. The bits of strawberry were really flavorful.

The almond butter thins were also good but lacking that goodness from the strawberry bits.

The lemon-flavored waffle cookies were the thickest cookie in the box and most crumbly. Not a bad lemon flavor but could have been stronger for me.

A big thumbs up from me on this.

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