Trivia 12/7

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trivia 12/7
In one of the worst prison disasters in US history, 322 inmates were killed
and 150 injured when a fire broke out in the Ohio State Penn on April 21,
1930. When some guards refused to let inmates out of their cells, other
inmates overpowered the guards to rescue fellow prisoners.

1. Which two countries participated in the War in the Middle East from from
1980-1988 ?
2. Dick Van Dyke played Rob Petrie, Dick Preston, and Dr. Mark Sloan in
three successive US network television series ; name them ...
3. What is the previous name of the country Sri Lanka when it was a colony
of the British Crown?
4. Name That Musical :
“Somewhere That’s Green” , “Skid Row” , “Suppertime”
5. How did the Ugly Duckling in the fairy tale of the same name discover
that he was not an ugly duckling?
6. Fill in the Blank ;
___ _______ is the world's leading producer of almonds .
a. - Morocco
b. - Portugal
c. - Australia
d. - The USA
7. Name two "Floyd"s who were world-championship American boxers?
8. If you throw a regular die and it lands with the number 4 on the upper
surface, what number will be on the lower surface?

The song "We Shall Overcome", seeming to be the anthem of Martin Luther
King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement, was originally written as a Hymn .
1. Iran & Iraq
2. The Dick Van Dyke Show, The New Dick Van Dyke Show, Diagnosis: Murder
3. Ceylon
4. Little Shop of Horrors
5. He saw his reflection
6. - d
7. Patterson and Mayweather
8. - 3

It was originally written as "I'll Overcome Someday" by Charles Albert
Tindley, an AME minister and was published in a hymnal in 1901. In 1909 the
United Mine Workers allegedly opened every meeting, while on strike, with
the singing of the song, changing the "I" to a "we" for the first time.
(There is some question whether or not it was exactly the same song, but it
seems to be taken that was.) Over the years various words and lines were
changed and other verses added. In the winter of 1945-46, striking tobacco
workers in South Carolina ended each day with a "long-meter version" of the
song. Later it was printed in an issue of People's Songs where Pete Seeger,
a founding member of People's Songs, changed the title to "We Will Overcome"
and added some other verses. It was recorded in an album of Labor songs,
issued by the CIO in 1950. In 1957 Dr. King heard Seeger sing it and was
quite taken by it.

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