Trivia 8/2

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Dec 20, 2005
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trivia 8/2
Some Mexican free-tailed bats can fly up to 250 miles (402 km) in a single
night. They can fly up to 10,000 feet (3,048 m) high and reach speeds up to
60 miles per hour (97kph).

1. Doc, Dopey, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy and Happy are all there, but who is
missing. ?
2. We are in Cape Town. Which of the following are we not likely to do in a
day trip?
a. - Taste wine at a wine estate on the wine route
b. - Take a trip to Robben Island to see Nelson Mandela's cell
c. - Go in a cable car to the top of Table Mountain
d. - Visit a game reserve to see the Big 5
3. While we're on the subject, which of these is NOT one of Africa's "Big
Five" ?
a. - African Buffalo
b. - Giraffe
c. - Rhino
d. - Leopard
4. Who played the wise guy dragster Bob Falfa in the movie "American
5. On "Cheers". what was Ernie Pantusso' s vocation before Bartender ?
6. You are in "The Dancing Rooster", and a friend gives you "Bovril".....
what do you do ?
a. - Eat it
b. - Drink it
c. - Wear it
d. - Throw it over your left shoulder
7. What was the name of the body which is the predecessor of the United
8. When it comes to corn and soybeans, what does G.M.O. stand for?

Upon its declaration of independence on 14 May 1948, Czechoslovakia was
Israel's only ally during its war of independence.
1. Bashful
2. - d
3. - b
4. Harrison Ford
5. Baseball Coach
6. - b
7. the League of Nations
8. Genetically Modified Organism

At the time of the Israeli declaration of independence, Czechoslovakia was
providing Israel an air force and a base of operation for providing a means
to deliver weapons and ammunition.

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