Tuesday July 6th - Leftovers for Dinner?

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I threw my back out, so it may end up being a TV dinner. If I feel well enough to go to the store, I have no clue yet. :cool:

My daughter and my three grandsons (1,3, and 6) are on the plane flying into Tampa from Colorado... They will be here at 6:00, so Mimi has made a huge pot of sauce and meatballs... :):):)
Mmmm cafeteria food... Mmmmmm probably soup and salad just to be safe....
Tuesday July 6th - Leftovers for Dinner?
You betcha! The temperature here is over 100 degrees, and high HIGH humidity. You think I'm cooking anything? Nadadada.

We've got leftover porchetta and some great tortillas for wrapping. lots of lettuce and cukes and other good things to make sandwiches. and fresh fruit for dessert.
will probably grill some chicken breasts since the temps are up. Not sure what to have with it yet. Maybe leftover potato salad, cukes and onions, chips.
Just had beef fajitas and I think I went a little heavy on the spice. YOWZA! Also had a pile of watermelon and some fantastic rainier cherries.
Homemade frozen dinner. Hamburger Steak, Onions, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. I forgot this one needed veggies added to it. Oh well...
oven pork country style ribs with my no salt bbq sauce, i made a funky salad. lots of peas, slightly cooked asparagus, onions, tomatoes, and some cooked radish's. just a quick minute in the micro. i discovered i digest them better this way, no crunch but lots of flavor. bit of a French roll with butter. oh yes used salad dressing left from my daughter's green salad on Sunday. she uses balsamic vinegar and olive oil with a bit of ranch dressing mixed in. really good

had blueberries with cool whip for dessert. fresh berries.
I got around to dinner at 9:30 pm. Had the last of the scalloped potatoes and ham my BFF sent over Sunday for all of us. I took some (minced together) for Dad's lunch yesterday and dinner today, DH had some for breakfast at noon (working nights right now) and I got my portion tonight. They were absolutely delicious. She is a wonderful cook and an incredible friend.
Mmmm cafeteria food... Mmmmmm probably soup and salad just to be safe....

Been there a lot lately my friend. Hope it wasn't too bad ;)

Not too but I got there early. Baked chicken (leg/thigh, not too dry), green beans (no too soggy), cheesy potato bake (passable with blakc pepper added), and a slice of lemon cake (it was dryer than the chicken).
This was our dinner... oven-baked chicken legs and wagon-wheel pasta salad. The picture isn't great, but I just snapped it because we were so hungry. I thought I would take advantage of using the oven, because it's supposed to be around 90-ish for the next few days.

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