Turkey time again

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Sep 25, 2009
Philadelphia pa.
How do you plan on doing your turkey? In the oven,deep fry,smoke then fry or smoked. Brine,no brine, butterball, free range? What is on tap?
HUCK said:
How do you plan on doing your turkey? In the oven,deep fry,smoke then fry or smoked. Brine,no brine, butterball, free range? What is on tap?

Fresh Turkey + Basic Brine + Smoked over Hickory
I favor the free ones from Kroger. Think it was Honeysuckle White last year. It was a whopper 22 lbs seems like. Pumped to the gills most likely. Gave it a rub under the skin with cheap eyetalian dressing and put to use a good rub tip I got from some nice fella on here which is Paul Purdhommes Poultry Magic mixed 50/50 with high quality Lemon Peppa which was rubbed under the skin and allover whilst bagged up overnight in the icebox. Thanks for whoever gave out the rub combo. Cooked it face down on the electrical Brinkmann on the bottom rack right over the water pan. Took about 9 hrs. to get to 175 in the thigh. Dayam that was a good turkey and I dont even like turkey. Think I used a mix of hickory chunks and small pee can limbs for smoke. Maybe a little stinky N. Texas mesquite in small doses. I am not permitted to fry Turkeys at my crib since I nearly burnt down the house a few years back. Sides I like em smoked mo betta. Or at least the Warden claims I do.


The jury is still out in that one,I favor Frying,however it's Trish that makes the choice :?: :? :?:
Gonna do a turkey on probably my OTG since I haven't done many cooks on thw WSM. Only one cook actually. I want to do a fresh one, brine it and smoke it with some apple.
I was just talking it over with the wife. I'm going to get a turkey breast and smoke over hickory.
How big a bird are you planing to do this year? We are thinking 13-15 lbs. may be getting some scarlet oak to add with apple to smoke with.
We kind of go nuts around here. One in the oven, one in the WSM, one in the deep fryer. All about the 8-10 pound range. Who knows what else will fall into the deep fryer. :LOL: We still Q in winter, but this is the last blow out of fall. Low stress, no stress, lets all chow down. Is this not what it's all about? :D

Well know I have tole this story before..but...old chum was having a bunch of folks over and decided to do a little contest with himself. He smoked one..fried one..and rotessed one on the gasser. The one twirled on the gasser was the hands down winner in blind taste tests from his guests. Have twirled a few and they came out real good. Person could do it over chacoal and chunks about as easy as gas. My gasser only able to do about a 9-10 pounder or else it drags on the sides. Try it sometime if you aint already.

15# Butterball, basic brine, smoked with hickory. I used to fry them but after I smoked my first one I never looked back. My poor turkey fryer turned into the pot to brine in.
I'll brine a twelve pound fresh turkey with water, spices, and maple syrup. I'lll smoke with maple. It comes out great.
Got an order for a Turkey already.....................;}-

While working on my God-Son's 21st. B-day party,one of my Amigos stopped by and wants a Turkey smoked this week. Gave him a piece of my Chicken Fajitas,PP ,Fattie and he went ballastic :arrow:
Now he wants some PP for Tamales and will be back T-giving and Christmas;along with some of his clan with orders. Things are looking good for keeping my Old Arse busy this year.....LOL

Anyhow, I'll post the party and food shots later today, I gotta get out and unwind.
Stan aka old school :LOL:
I have electric turkey can do a 14 lb. Thanks Andy I'll use that pot to brine. We do turkeys 325-350.
I did a 22lb turkey last year at the temp of 300* to 350* in 7 hours (smoking it) without putting it in a brine, the breast came out juicy because of one trick I do before I place the turkey in, I have a vertical smoker, two door, propane and on the first rack I place a slab of fat back above the breast so when it melts it drips on the breast and the drip pan below the turkey has white wine that keeps it moist during cooking.
And bigwheel all yankee's don't smoke turkey's @ 225* maybe some of the younger one's do...LOL :D
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