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Feb 4, 2003
Here's a spice we don't hear a lot about, but may become much better known soon.

The yellow of Turmeric is a substance called curcumn. Curcumin has recently been found - in a number of different lab experiments- to prevent the reproduction of cancner cells of various kinds.

In addition, in other human tests, it has been credited with substantial lowering of "bad" cholesterol in both the blood and the liver.

In lab rats, a diet consisting of 5% curcumin was effective against cancer. Problem: That would be a heckuva lot of curcumin for a human: 5% of the diet!

Another problem: allmost all turmeric in the world is grown in India, and Indians use aboout 80% of that. So do Indians generally have lower chlesterol levels than the rest of the world? Do they have a lower incidence of cancer? Dunno.

Bottom line: as there are no known side effects from Turmeric/curcumin, it might be like chicken soup: "couln't hurt". Maybe we soould figure out ways to include more of it in our diets?
Thanks for the info oldcoot. I add it to rice and now I'll start adding to soups and stuff - like you said - it couldn't hurt!!!

Question, kitchenshelf: what does it take to get the folk who read this BB to offer their comments on some of the subjects? There have been any number of subjects that woould seem to be at least somewhat provacative, but no one seems to show any interest. The BB indicates a number of peoople read some of the topics, but almost none seem to reply.

Seens to me a friendly discussion of some of these topics would be interesting and informative.
I'm not sure why more people don't join in on the "conversation". There are quite a few members and you're right, posts are read but no one responds. All I can say is COME ON - JOIN THE FUN!!!!

Everyone's opinion is appreciated here - input and brainstorming is good - no one will get nasty 'cause I have the power of delete and won't let things go too far. These boards are monitored unlike some boards where things can get nasty real quick!!

Can anyone else give any insight?? Please?
Oldcoot, Kitchenelf, I'm up for any and all conversation about food.

I'm not sure that Indian people have lower cholesterol. There is a tremendous amount of butter used in some Indian cooking. However, perhaps the turmeric is one of the things that helps to balance the diet in this part of the world.
The other day I made Pickled Mustard Eggs and had no yellow food coloring. So I remembered the Tumeric in the cupboard and added some of that. It made the eggs very pretty yellow plus some health benefits as well, as opposed to food coloring. Tumeric is just one of those spices that somehow find their way to the back of the cupboard. Oh by the way it also made EVERYTHING yellow that it touched LOL LOL LOL
It's good in potato salad and deviled eggs. Here is a recipe that uses a generous amount (1 tbsp) and would probably be a good addition to the slaw at a picnic since it is cooked and served warm.

Pool Hall Coleslaw
HERE is a thread that is we were discussing a little while ago, and that too, had very little responses. There are numerous health benefits to turmeric, and I love it in everything form Basmati rice, to mustard(ball park mustard).

I love the combo of ginger, turmeric. cilantro and lime. If you make a rub out of it it goes great on pork, fish, and dark meat chicken.

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