TVWB Smoke Day

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Toby Keil

Executive Chef
Jan 15, 2008
Thousand Oaks, CA
TVWB smoke day was a success. I smoked a pork butt, an eye of the round, and two racks of meaty beef ribs on the WSM and I smoked salmon on my offset. The weather was great in SoCali minus the freaking wind. I vac packed the pork and salmon, the eye of the round will be sliced and vac packed for sandwiches later. Here are a few pics.

Me sporting my TVWB shirt while the smoker do their thing.

The eye of the round, I cooked it to an internal temp of 140.

The very meaty beef ribs are ready.

Me and my buddies enjoying the ribs.
Tri Tip said:
[quote="Greg Rempe":27lmawh1]What's a TVWB Smoke Day...

Chris organized a day every year where everybody cooks on a wsm at the same time across the nation.[/quote:27lmawh1]

Who is Chris?

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