Twinkies Recipe

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Apr 14, 2005
Beaver, Oklahoma
This is very good and easy to make.
1 or 2 boxes of Twinkies
1- lg box vanilla Instant Pudding
1- can Eagle brand milk
1- cool whip

Put Twinkies on bottom of pan
Mix together
Vanilla pudding
Eagle brand
1 cup cool whip
2 cups of milk
mix together and pour over twinkies.
Let set
Put rest of cool whip on top of pudding and add strawberry on top.
Welcome conniesue. Hope you enjoy the site. Is this done in a pie plate or in a cake pan?
Welcome to your new site and old friends well we aren't that old LOL. We are Glad to have you. Now I can even make that, without making much of a mess. Again welcome conniesue. :clap: :clap: :clap:
my local news/weather guy makes these only using lemon jellow. He says it was concocted by him and his frat brothers one week end when they were in college.

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