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Crowds have not been too much of an issue, or maybe I am just in my own little whole foods zen...

The cheese is on sale now at the one here in Fairfax, $11.99 per lb, I was lucky to fin a mis marked piece though for $4! It is Amsterdam 3 aged gouda...Gouda? This stuff is GREATa(sorry, bad cheese humor)
luckly my wife and i live about half a miles from the fairfax store. We have been there a few times. My wife likes getting our 9 month old some of his solid organic foods from there.

I stroll over there some sunday mornings to pick up some fresh stuff for breakfast. My prefernce is still Wegmans, dollar for dollar that place beats every where hands down in terms of quality and quantity. Having a 9 month old we can't go on a spending spree every week but it is nice to know we have somewhere close by.
We went for breakfast on Sunday, it was great!

That night they were doing a great wine tasting in the upper level featuring 80 different wines from all over the world.

I was there the other day and loved it, found the priced to be comparable to Harris Teeter at the Beach, but some of the stuff was pricey. Can't shop there every day, but so far, the only thing I have found to be over priced is the hot prepared foods, we had carry out for 3, $30...

Did find a dry aged 3 year Gouda that I have been looking for, for a while.

Thanks TATTRAT for mentioning this cheese. Everytime I went into Whole Foods I passed it up due to the confusion of trying to pick only one. There are so many and people seem to know which one they are looking for. I just grew up with Kraft slices. I did find it and there wasn't only one Gouda but 4-5 different kind. I got one that was marked with aged and brought it home. Now it is gone but it is kind of pricey and I have to wait until get some more. As kitchenelf said 'very good'

I sure like it when someone mentions what they find so we can give it try also.

Keep us posted when you go there again and find something you like.

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