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Apr 29, 2005
Akron New York
Val brought her WSM home today, needs some clean up and a little TLC. I put a electrical knock out plug where the thermometer was, a little rust here and there but in fine shape. Best of all, it was FREE! :D :D :D




Toby keil said:
Nice score and and gettin it for free is even better. What's going to be its first cook?
Not sure. It's all her's. It needs a good clean up job from sitting. I'm not going near it. I have been hinting chicken this Saturday. ;) :LOL:

Where's the ooze comin' out of the top vent and the door handle? Where's the smoke stain curlin' up from the bottom of the lid? Hers is a lot cleaner than mine! :D

(Nice score!)
Nick Prochilo said:
Nice score! How come you didn't mount another thermometer in the hole?
Well Nick, she want's to try and use it with out one. She has used it at the store with one and I'm sure it's just a matter of time. It's her baby and that's how you learn.

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