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White Wolf

Assistant Cook
Jun 16, 2004
hi im doin a questionaire for my GCSE's so if ur a veggie pls can u fill it in? thanks could you email the results to me on

1) Are you a Vegan? Yes no

2) What food will you eat? Diary none Eggs Fish White meat
e.g chicken

3) What substitute do you prefer? Soya seitan tempeh tofu Quorn

4) Where do you shop at? Tesco’s sainsburys waitrose somerfield

morrisons Aldi’s Co-op/rainbows

5) Do you think they have enough food for vegetarians? Yes no

6) Would you like to see more of a variety? Yes no

7) Do you think the price for vegetarian food is ok? Yes no

8) Would you like to see more....? Traditional food Foreign food
e.g shepards pie e.g Russian

9) Do you like your food convient or a challenge? Convient challenge

10) How long have you been a vegetarian? 1 yr 2 yrs months weeks

more less

11) Do the foods available attract you in the appearance and taste? Yes no

Appearance only taste only

And finally..

12) How old are you? -14 15-20 20-30 40+
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