Venison, canned and frozen

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Taxlady, yes it was my first time. First dry aging the meat for 5-7 days, with salt, then grinding it a second time with the fat/pork. Making a fermenting mixture of spices, instacure, fermento, corn syrup, dextrose, salt, with water to make a paste. Mixing it well, then stuffing the casings. It was supposed to be smoked but instead I added smoke flavoring. Then fermented them wet, in plastic in the food dehydrator for 50 hours. (this part could have been done with a cool smoke at the right temperatures for 50 hours) Then fermented at a lower temperature in the cheese cave at 50 degrees F for 10 days, to dry. They shrunk about 15-20 %. Then for safety, heating to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F, refrigerate/freeze, ready to eat. It was quite an adventure and I'd do it again, now that I know more about the process.

They aren't supposed to be spicy, but Dh thinks they are a little spicy for him. So the next time I'll cut the spices in half for him. In the mean time, DS and I are talking about making something like a pepperoni or spicy meat sticks for snacking, since we are both fans of those kind of spices. These sausages have about 20% fat. I'd like it better with 30% next time. Also, I rolled, compressed the sausage by rolling it on a hard surface on the 2nd day of dry fermenting. Instead, I'd compress them by rolling them, at least once a day for the first 50 hours and for 3-4 days into the dry fermenting. (you can see the middle of the slice, isn't quite as compact as the edges of the slices)

Now see taxlady what you got me into!?! ha ha ha.

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