Wanted, Rice cooker Soup Ideas

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Feb 28, 2010
Has anyone successfully made soup in their rice maker? I hear you can and we wondering if you really can.
I have a new Zojirushi and so far I love it. I made the mistake of not getting the 10 cup. Should have because I can see there are many recipes I would love to try. I made brown rice and today a whole grain Farrow, came out perfect using the brown rice setting.
So if anyone knows how to make soup I would be a happy guy! :chef:


Soup can be assembled within any heat source,tho why would not a stainless 3-4 qt.pot/pan,On the range/stove.
Scratch soups are good in the ol' crock pot,has heat elements in the sides,not on the bottom so not to burn,should one have to exit ones galley unexpected.

I have never made rice in any thing other then a good stainless pan atop the stove..3:2, water/stockdone,either loose or clumped,for chop sticks.
Tho have to give credit,thinking using..the said rice maker is ok,should that be what one has,then proceed.

Should the quest arrise..Gas oven vs Electric oven. In a house kitchen,a good electric wall oven be hard pressed to beat.Wolf 36 inch,wall oven is pricey and preforms rather flawless.Small so called ''Restaurant ovens'',are not quite what they are said to be.For instance,Southbend Pro.real restaurant range 36 inch w/4.1 oven,500 plus lbs.,does justice to baked goods.

All ovens NEED to be calibrated.Without doing so,bakes goods can't perform as they could.
Oven add in gauges are just that..ad ins.Do this test w/oven add in gauge..use TWO side by side..and see two different reading.
Calibrate..meaning,behind most oven temp knob.There lives a small screw on a calibrated plate.Now with new oven add in gauge in hot oven.One can adjust correct setting.Match the two.Hence Calibrated.
Now Bake away.

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