Wendy's Cinnabon® Pull-Apart breakfast item review....

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Nov 8, 2004

Back to the Wendy's for this new item served during breakfast hours.

This will cost you around 3.89 for it but due to a one day only February 29th special by the company this was FREE.

I ordered it and waited around one minute to get my item.

One paper bag included the nicely warmed up item and 2 napkins.

I take one of the plastic spoons and sit down to eat it.

You get warm, buttery, dough bites that are baked together with world-famous Cinnabon® cinnamon and topped with their signature cream cheese frosting.

This was served to me in the container they use for the chili I guess.

They was certainly a solid item here and tasted really good. Around the size a regular cinnamon bun.

I will give this a big thumbs up despite the regular price I could have paid for it.
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