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Feb 20, 2011
Tovala meals. Pastrami spiced chicken breast, cheddar and potato pierogis with caramelized onions, plus dill and sour cream, and roasted mushrooms. Thumbs up!
After going thru a whole bunch of recipes, ended up just frying a (sliced lengthwise, was huge) chicken breast in a pan to brown in butter, added some sweet potato slices to brown also, then dump in 1/2 can of low sodium Cream of Chicken Soup plus a big glug of white wine.
Positively delicious! (sorry no pics)

Had done a bunch of asparagus earlier and munched a few of those before even starting on the chicken.. :whistling
Also, earlier in the afternoon, finally got around to making the Mung Bean Sprout Salad, very yummy!
So a complete meal - just in bits and pieces now and then... :innocent:
Nothing hot! :LOL:

For that Thai chicken, I made some more of that Nahm Jeem Gratiem - basically a sweet and sour sugar syrup, with garlic and hot pepper flakes, with a little salt, cooked down about 20 minutes, and that's it! Delicious on spring rolls, and other similar dim sum, and this grilled chicken. Super simple - the original recipe is 2 tb minced garlic, 1 tb crushed red peppers (if using red pepper flakes, crush a little more, to get some powder), 1 tsp salt, 1 c sugar (not a diabetic friendly recipe!), 1/2 c white vinegar, and 1/2 c water. Combine all of the ingredients in a 1½ qt saucepan, bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring to dissolve the sugar, then reduce to a simmer, and cook about 20 minutes. When the bubbles start foaming a little, the syrup is about the right consistency, and 20 minutes is almost always about right. Remove from heat, and cool some, before using. Refrigerates for a long time, getting very thick, but I just nuke it briefly, to use again.

This time I minced some scapes - a little more than 3 tb, in place of the garlic, and it worked out great.
Thai peppers, ready to crush for the Nahm Jeem Gratiem, about 1 tb. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

3 ingredients for the Nahm Jeem Gratiem - crushed peppers, salt, and minced scapes. (that black stuff is photo discoloration, not pepper!) by pepperhead212, on Flickr

The Nahm Jeem Gratiem almost finished. After adding 1 c sugar, and 1/2 c each of water and white vinegar, it is simmered about 20 minutes, until it just starts foaming. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Nahm Jeem Gratiem, cooled off, and ready to use. Had a weird color, with the green scapes, but it cooked off, and it almost looks and tastes just like using garlic. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

I had a couple pieces of cold chicken with a little bit of this earlier. I had some more of those pickled thai vegetables, on the side. Later on, I went Mexican, with some guacamole, something I made 3 servings of to snack on. Still not enough tomatoes to add to it, but it's good, even without.
Another good thing to make for the hot days - guac! by pepperhead212, on Flickr

I made my own version of Poke Bowls

poke bowl 1.jpg

Starting at 12 o'clock:

Tako or Octopus Poke
Wasabi Salmon Poke (and yes, it's raw and melt in your mouth ONO - that's Hawaiian for delicious)
New Zealand Green Li Mussel Poke
Ahi or Tuna Poke
Kara'age Chicken or Japanese style fried Chicken
Kamaboko or Japanese style Steamed Fish Cake
Some diced Japanese Cucumber (developed here at the University of Hawaii and super yummy)
and Tomatoes
and let's not forget that ever present scoop of steamed White rice in the middle topped with Aloha brand Shoyu and Nori Furikake.

All of this cost us $30 to purchase all of the ingredients, AND we have enough leftover for another meal for us two!
I made two appetizers and then I had the leftover pork patty from a couple of days ago with a leafy salad. I only took pictures of the two appetizers. They were both new to me recipes. One is called "Cool Cajun Shrimp Cocktail". I would have called it a salad. I had a couple of radishes and some Stoned Wheat thins with that. The other one is a Danish recipe and could be part of breakfast. It's an egg baked in a tomato on a bed of herbs. That one was surprisingly good. The shrimp thing was okay. The brown spots in the shrimp picture are "Peppermaster Cajun Morel Sauce". I really like the Cajun Morel Sauce and it worked well with the shrimp, but I found the bed of grated carrot to be too sweet and didn't really go with the rest.

Caun shrimp salad, radishes, and crackers sm.jpg
egg baked in tomato on a bed of herbs sm.jpg
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