What are you eating Thursday February 11, 2021?

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Apr 5, 2009
Chicken soup over brown rice topped with fresh grated Parmigiano Reggiano & Pecorino Romano cheeses.

We had cold smoked salmon on bagels with cream cheese. There was also sliced onion and capers for the bagels. There were garlic, dill pickles, pickled onions, and marinated artichoke hearts on the side. It makes a great tasting, low effort meal.
Rosemary and apricot glazed pork chops. Recipe said orange juice and marmalade, I said if I have to substitute one thing, I can substitute randomly. Sautéed onion slices and garlic. Mixed in a little soy sauce, brown sugar, chili flakes, lemon juice and ginger. Finished with apricot jam melted with a little more sliced ginger. Don' know which of these the recipe called for, as it got pushed aside. As did pretty much the rosemary flavor. It was good.

Green beans and carrots.
We split the second grain dish of scalloped ham and potatoes. I cooked up most of a bag of haricot verts for our veggie. We'll finish the apple galette in a little while.

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