What have you had for breakfast lately?

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Vanilla Bean

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Jan 2, 2009
Washington State
This was our breakfast, today...... scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, tater tots and wheat english muffins.

Lately? Well, Saturday Morning was Coffee, Rind on bacon, two fried eggs, grits, toast and blackberry jelly...Sunday morning was Coffee, Biscuits & Sawmill Gravy. This morning was Coffee, toast with black berry jelly, and a small piece of Andouille that needed to be used.
Coffee and OJ every morning.

Sunday - two over easy, hash browns and ham

Monday - two zucchini nut muffins with butter

Today - toasted onion bagel with cream cheese and lox

Tomorrow - cereal, either Cheerios with bananas or oatmeal with blueberries and brown sugar
Weekdays it is Cheerios with a banana, yogurt, juice, coffee,slice of wholegrain bread with peanut butter.

Weekend: anything goes.
Lately, especially on exercise class mornings, it is a half a container of yogurt. My class is at 9, and I find that if I eat much, then I need to go to the bathroom half-way through. So just a few bites of yogurt, then an early lunch when I get home.
Monday -- papaya then crepes filled with rajas (sliced poblano chili), corn and onion and topped with a poblano cream sauce, along with coffee

Today -- egg salad sandwich and fresh pineapple
Coffee, OJ, Oatmeal or Cheerios. Bananas if I have them.

On the weekends, eggs, meat, toast, coffee and OJ.
I love breakfast. Waffles, pancakes and sausage, bacon and eggs, Mountain man breakfast (when camping), strada, cinnamon roll french toast, french toast made with egg nog, leftover pizza, cereal, egg sandwich, breakfast burritos, I could go on and on...always with orange juice and hot tea. Yum!:cool:
when i have breakfast, usually its a blueberry muffin or half an english muffin/creme cheese. (whole) milk & this vitaminy apple drink make 4 my drinks.
I rotate between 3 breakfasts

1.slice of multi-grain toast with peanut butter and banana slices.

2.2 scoops of oatmeal with 1 scoop cookies and cream flavored whey protein and a handful of trail mix

3.Multi-grain toast and 2 scrambled eggs.

Black coffee with all 3

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