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DD and I had brunch together. We both had poached eggs (mine in a bowl with a pat of butter) and corned beef hash. She had avocado toast and I had toasted and buttered sourdough English muffin.


This morning, aftesr a double espresso, I had two basted eggs on top of two toaster waffles with blueberry syrup, two bacon strips, two Farmer John snausages and a glass of Ovaltine.
LOL, I'd been having them with cream cheese but this morning I wanted peanut butter - so I did - no different than peanut butter on a toasted English Muffin I guess.
Toast, bacon, home fries with onion, fried in bacon grease and oil, and eggs fried in a little bacon grease and butter. No egg bleed because I like the yolks cooked to a loose jelly consistency. Craig's eggs bled.

Pugs got a whole piece of bacon and part of another, plus some egg white bites, and a couple bites of toast sopped in some of my yolk jelly. They wanted more.
One store & one backyard egg. Lightly fried in butter with a tsp of water. Toasted bagel (I know, not usual but in theis humidity need to use them up before they take on a slight green/grey sheen). Later on finished a juicy mango I'd started the day before.

Must remember to take a pic of colour differences in those eggs - make y'all jealous!
Finally got my leftover meatloaf sandwich. Cut some off the night I made it, besides what I ate, and told Craig that was mine, so hands off! Leftover mashed potato cakes. Surprisingly, Craig didn't eat all the meatloaf like he usually does so he had enough for a sandwich too.

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