What inspire you to do baking?

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sarah 987

Assistant Cook
Dec 27, 2023
hi everyone what experiences you’ve had relating to food or cooking? and how
these experiences have inspired you to do a Baking.

Does anyone have any professional degree ?
What inspires me to bake? Well, for the holiday meals I like to bake dinner rolls. But right now I have nothing for dessert, so I am going to force myself to bake a chocolate sour cream Texas sheet cake with chocolate sour cream frosting.
No degree here, just cooking for a long time. I love expermenting with new things. Not always successful, but we learn from our successes and failures.

As ar as baking goes, I'm pretty good at it, but I dont enjoy I, cause for as good as I am at baking, I'm even better at making a mess ( especially when it comes to flour ( a and frying things like eggplant).

As far as inspiration goes, just the smell of something freshly baked is enough to inspire me ( especially bread). I love seeing how things are made and trying to duplicate something I'd normally get in a store, in my kitchen with my own two hands. Sometimes it's just to prove that I can do it, then chalk it off to a been there, done that kinda thing. Other times, if relatively easy and comes out really good, I might do it on a more regular basis.

- Bagels is something I do maybe once a year
- Soft pretzels is something I used to do all the time with kids.
- Focaccia I make every summer when my grape tomatoes are in season. it also freezes well, so I make a large one, then freeze its in serving sizes to use over the course of the year.
- I've been doing some testing of vegan cakes (Donuts and fritters which are deep fried, and some Asian flat and middle eastern flat breads which are cooked in a pan, so don't really count as baking).
a degree in baking plus $2 will get you a small cup of coffee.
I went to plumbing technical school I'm not a plumber because I didn't train for several years with a plumber, the methods taught in schools are not even close to the way trades really work.
Culinary schools are what used to be called finishing school .
But many years spent at granny's elbow teach far better .
What inspires me to cook or bake? The sun comes up! I love cooking, especially baking. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen and making the whole house smell good. Since there are only the two of us, a lot of the baked goods get given away. No one has complained yet!

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