What is the best cake(s) you've ever made

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Chief Longwind Of The North

Aug 26, 2004
What is the best cake you've ever made, or at least, been the most proud of?

Mine, a seven layer butter-pecan cake with butterscotch frosting between layers and to cover. All was made from scratch and wowed the crowd.

I've also made two wedding cakes, one a sponge cake that the bride and groom requested that came out dead perfect (someone else decorated it), and then a red velvet cake, again from scratch, decorated with a white chocolate buttercream that came out silky smooth, with edible flowers decorating the top and sides. The sheet cake was the same, again with the edible flowers arranged artistically.

Those are my claims to fame in the cake world. My personal favorites are: (not in any specific order) carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, chocolate mayonaise cake with chocolate buttercream/Nutella icing, and pineapple upside down cake.

Oh, waite; do blueberry pancakes count?

Tell us about your best cakes.

Seeeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
The best cake I have made is a toss up between 2 of them (both due to
the recipes rather than myself!):-

- Chocolate Brownie - where prune puree replaces some of the sugar (I reduce the brown sugar quantity anyway so that the chocolate flavour is more pronounced).

- Carrot Cake - that also has walnut oil, eggs, shredded coconut, raisins and wholemeal flour. I have yet to taste one anywhere else that is as good! Moist, chewy and rich.
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From scratch, a Chocolate Raspberry cake with raspberry in the cake and frosting and a middle of homemade raspberry jam separating the layers.



Katie H's Black Devil's Food Cake


Whipped cream, sliced bananas and sliced strawberries.



Cherry topping, whipped cream and flaked coconut on top.


Thanks, Beth. It's flattering that you use my recipe.

MsM, I've posted it on forums in the past - it may be here somewhere. But I know it's on that blog that I started (and abandoned) several years ago. If the mods don't mind, here's the link to the page. Silver Sage: Living Up to a Memory

Mods, I'm not promoting it, it's quite old and very limited. It's just simpler than retyping.
I'd have to say our wedding cake. I worked on the recipes for quite a while. It was a white cake with a touch of almond flavor each of three layers was spread with a bit of raspberry jam and filled with whipped white chocolate ganache. The cake was iced with swiss meringue buttercream. Sounds kinda involved and it kinda was, but I streamlined the recipes so that I could make them 1000 miles away in my mom's kitchen.
Home made 3 layer German Chocolate cake several years ago. :ohmy: :yum: I've never been much of a baker but boy, was I ever proud of it. I love the coconut and pecans, but no one else in my family these days cares much for it, so I'll probably not do it again. :)
Cheryl, I would happily eat that German chocolate cake!

I abhor baking, but I did make a birthday cake for DH one year, his birthday is in July. Nice white sheet cake, flag motif, decorated with white icing and stars and stripes done in raspberries and blueberries. I think I used the recipe from Family Circle magazine. It looked beautiful, and everyone liked it.
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There's another recipe for a tunnel of fudge cake very similar to the one posted by Kgirl but it's got a filling of cream cheese, coconut, sugar, egg and something else, just don't remember, too long since I made it. It's really good too.

Italian Wedding cake.

Dobosh torte with chocolate buttercream, decorated with rolled up almond lace cookies filled with brandy cream.

My aunt's coconut cake recipe. A scratch white cake (pretty much, does have a yolk or 2 in it I think), poked with a syrup made with fresh coconut water/milk. Frosted and filled with a whipped cream based frosting with fresh coconut. It's a PITA to make if you use the fresh coconut but so much better than if you use the bagged coconut from the baking aisle. Though, come to think of it, there is fresh frozen coconut in the latin section of the freezer case. Maybe I'll give it a whirl using that. I'll have to dig out the recipe. It just makes so much, it's a triple layer cake.
A fruit cake which began as a Delia Smith recipe from the "Book of Cakes". However, it has changed so drastically since I made the first one that it can no longer be called hers.

Can't give the recipe because I never make it the same twice!

It's the fruit cake that people who don't like fruit cakes love!!
I love cake but "best' is very subjective...

The most popular cake w/ friends is a chocolate stout cake (made with beer)

My personal favorite to eat is my grandmas marble cake but most folks find it too intense, lacking icing and generally plain. It has an amazing crumb and deep flavor however, the 'cake' part of this cake rocks.

This German chocolate might be the best however - good cake, great icing and super nice to look at. That said, it's complicated to make with a filling, rum glaze and a ganache to make as well as the 'cake' base.

Still - the best thing about cake is that there are more to be discovered and so I'm happily in search of the new 'best'. So much cake, so little time.

guiness cake.jpg


My best efforts were and are my multi-tier wedding cakes, all made and iced and decorated by me (alas no pics) and my Spanische Winde Torte, a meringue gateau filled with cream. The challenge with that is to build the meringue gateau shell bit by bit, then 'plaster' the sides with more meringue mix, then do the filling - usually with a proportion of whipped cream, and then finish off with the top. So to build the cake, you have to bake it each time you add another layer to the sides, and not have the whole thing go brown on you. Painstaking, but my friends love it!

di reston
Hershey's Chocolate Cake has to be mine. The first time I made it, it calls for one cup of boiling water. I thought that someone had gone crazy when they wrote up that recipe. But I followed it to the letter. It came out so moist, that now it is what I make for the Christmas Wreath. My grandson calls it his Death Cake. He will kill anyone who takes more than just a crumb that falls on the floor.

For the Christmas cake, I make it in a Bunt pan. Again made with Hershey's Chocolate Cake. Cover it with Hershey's Chocolate Frosting and then cover it completely with green dyed coconut. I also have a stencil of holly leaves and using royal frosting dyed green, they go on the cake in groups of three with red royal dots of frosting in the center of each. I have also made it with just a butter cream frosting dyed green.

I press the coconut into the frosting, and then place a dab of frosting on the back of each holly leaf so it will stick to the coconut.

My next one would be my Chocolate Chip Cheesecake from the recipe of Eagle Brand products. A big hit with my grandson and SIL. I used to make a large one every year for him, but now he only gets a small 7" one. He doesn't need the extra calories.

For my daughter, every Thanksgiving it has to be the Pumpkin Cheesecake with the Ginger Snap Crust. I have one of the largest spring form pans they make, and my daughter and husband fight over it every year.

And my last one has to be the Pineapple Upside Down cake. I use some of the juice in the cake. My granddaughter's favorite. Also Pirate's.

All my baking is from scratch like so many of our forum members. I have nothing against box cakes, but they are seriously lacking in flavor and texture. :angel:
One of my most requested cakes of all time has to be my Fuzzy Navel Cake. It has peach schnapps in the cake and in the glaze that gets drizzled on the hot cake. It has a wonderful flavor.

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