What's for dinner Friday, March 19?

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We had an Irish party with movie tonight at church. About 20 of us. There were nice cheeses and Guiness, a big pot of the best colcannon (with kale) I've ever had, a spicy carrot soup, and I brought the mains: sheppards pie, spiced beef with cabbage, salmon cakes with rarebit, and a pot of Irish stew. Baked a round of soda bread too. We ate well!
Grilled cheese with extra sharp cheddar, Swiss, and sliced tomatoes on pumpernickel. Fresh fruit salad for dessert.
Beer batter peanut fish (quite a mouthful... need a new name for it. Any ideas?)
Our dinner last night... baked/breaded chicken with bacon and cheddar. On the side... buttered/herbed pasta and leftover roast vegies.


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