What's For Dinner? ~ July 11, 2022

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Aug 2, 2014
Central/Northern AZ, gateway to The Grand Canyon
DH & I are on another stay-cation at a small hotel in town, while our house is being painted both inside and out.

This restaurant was his choice for linner (late lunch/early dinner), the owners live in our same Community, real nice folks.

Fresca Cafe.jpg

Fresca Cafe1.jpg

My Mister ordered a Caesar Salad with Anchovies, he prefers no dressing.
And a ten inch Cheese Pizza

Fresca Cafe2.jpg

I had the Shrimp Scampi over handmade Fettuccine.
Vegetable brown basmati rice with green lemon spinach lentil soup, extra jalapeno and lemon.
I started to make supper, but I ran out of energy. We ordered hamburgers. I had mine on a lettuce wrap because, I didn't feel like having a white bread bun. It was delicious. I didn't try to pick up my burger. I just ate it with a knife and fork.
A quick dinner of rubbed, pan roasted chicken thighs, mashed yukon golds and steamed corn.

I'm gonna fix up the turkey leftovers. I'm thinking it will be something similar to a traditional "diner" hot turkey sandwich. So, a slice (or 2) of bread, mashed potatoes, top them with sliced turkey breast, smothered in gravy with white corn on the side. Comfort food, as needed! Maybe we'll have a salad too...but don't want to ruin the mood!
Himself grilled tonight's pork chops perfectly. They were seasoned with Penzys' "Forward" blend. Sides were Brussels sprouts with bacon and mushrooms, and "Constellation" tomatoes seasoned with Hawaiian black salt, pulverized Grains of Paradise, and chives from my front porch steps garden. Himself also had a baked potato completely hidden by sour cream.


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