What's for dinner, Ruby Tuesday April 23, 2024?

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Dec 6, 2009
Mid-Atlantic, USA
Since Frank ate this much >< of the rice with pigeon peas, I made jerk shrimp to attempt to use it up. Again, he ate this much >< and immediately told me that he wanted to leave Jamaica for dinner tomorrow. 🤣

Tonight, jerk shrimp, rice with pigeon peas, and pineapple with oranges. What did you have for dinner?

@Kathleen that dinner looks super yummy to me!

I'm going to do all grilled dinner ... Rib Eye Steak, fresh Asparagus, Sweet Onion, Sweet Mini Bell Peppers, fresh Mushrooms and maybe a side salad, dunno about that one yet but yes to the rest.
That'll keep me within my "macro" as the kids call it now :LOL:
My goal daily:
1200 cal
60g carbs
60-100g protein
sugar less than 25-30g
I reheated yesterdays fried rice by stir frying it on a skillet. I added a splash of saki and it turned out very tasty. I'm pleased that re-frying a stir fry worked much better than trying to nuke stir fry leftovers. I have another reheating method in my repertoire. I'm not sure the saki made any difference.
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Well, everyone's supper looks supper! 'Fraid I didn't do supper per se, was supposed to be shrimp but got on the phone and just

ate cheese, celery and a rice cake. Was surprisingly satisfactory.

Still, even with my wine, I totaled 70 carbs for the day. I can take that as a win. Not counting calories because I know that ain't in my book but carbs, seeing as bread and pasta are my ... um nemesis, figured that was a start in the search for my ankles.
Last week, like every time I stay with my sister for a week in Houston, I gained five pounds. Too much eating out. When I got home, I had some kind of GI bug, and didn't eat anything for one whole day, and have been drinking meal replacement drinks and eating soups and sandwiches in small amounts for a few days.

So, tonight I had some canned clam chowder, and a hard roll. It was good, and I felt good afterward.

On the plus side, I lost the five pounds I gained, plus four more. Nine pounds in six days.

I hope to be back to my normal routine pretty soon, before I have cataract surgery on Monday, so no cast iron cooking or bending to use the oven for a couple of weeks.

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