What's for dinner, Tuesday, December 5, 2023?

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More premade food from Lufa farms. We finished off the mujadara. We almost finished off the quinoa salad - my homemade vinaigrette helped a lot. We also had some Brazilian "bohinhas de queijo", some cheese ball appetizers. Those were pretty good while they were still warm:
December 5 is a national holiday in the Netherlands, due to it being Saint Nicolas (santa in other countries) birthday.
But as my dear cat died the day before, this year there wasn't a hot meal on the dinner table. However we did eat the traditional Sinterklaas (that's the name of the holiday here) candy. So I am sharing some of the Sinterklaas candy with you.
Chocoladeletter melk.jpg
A milk chocolate letter from the local patisserie, chocolate letters with the first letter of your name are a Dutch traditional Sinterklaas food.
Lebkuchen pop.jpg
A taai taai doll (which is a soft biscuit very similar to the German 'lebkuchen' it's a spiced dough much like gingerbread topped with white icing.
And kruidnoten (spiced mini cookies) with sugar candy.
Pan-fried sirloin steak, steamed broccoli, and Knorr's noodle side dish last night.

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