What's for Dinner, Wednesday, Feb. 28th?

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Barb L. said:
Think I have finally decided, (but still early enough to change) Pork chop suey over rice with a sprinkling of rice noodles, crusty bread.

One of my favorite comfort foods Barb L.
Chicken and broccoli with lo mein noodles-this will be my "last supper " for awhile.I have to start a liquid diet tomorrow for my surgery on Fri and I probably won't be cooking or eating too much for a few days after that!!!All of your dinners sound better than what I have planned-enjoy- with lots of love and energy!!!!Vicki
kitchenelf said:
Ribeye sandwiches with homemade rosemary potato chips - maybe a salad, maybe not. I might just decide the salad is the lettuce and tomato on the sandwich :LOL:

Miss Elf..

Homemade rosemary tator chips?:ermm: You just gotta share that with me..I like the sound of that.
Well, I had to go to Costco today for office and truck supplies (cough cough yea sure I did);) and they had some really nice looking lamb loin chops. I couldn't resist, so tonight will be grilled lamb chops simply marinated in olive oil, garlic, rosemary, lemon juice, S&P. Barley for a starch/grain and whatever veg strikes my fancy when I open the freezer door.:)
I'm suffering from a nasty cold so i put together chicken soup this morning for myself. Fortunately, I had some good chicken stock in the freezer and some leftover chicken breast in the fridge. Sauteed up a carrot, celery, pancetta, shallot & of course parsley. Oh and a few noodels as well.
Supper is going to be a little later tonight, had all four kids today,plus the big KID (DH) so we are having some home made pork tamales,rice beans and maybe a salad and banana cream pie for dessert...Then I'm finished for today...

Something called Texas chili. It's a recipe I cut out of something about 15 years ago. Smells wonderful. The beef was marinated in beer overnight. Plus, the recipe calls for, among other things, 1/4 cup chopped jalapeno peppers and 5 teaspoons Tabasco. Yahoo!

We're having cheese biscuits with it.
Alix said:
Here you go Lefse.

Thanks for digging up the recipe, Alix! Lefse, this is one of my favorites. I never make my own broth--I just get the low sodium all-natural or organic in the store. I also don't buy a whole chicken and cut it up. This is one of my little "luxuries" I allow myself in the kitchen!:) Our grocery store sells what they call the "Pick of the Chick"--it's two breast halves, two legs and two thighs. It's only a few cents extra per pound and it saves me the hassle of having to hack at a whole bird.:LOL:
Trying to stay ahead of myself, we've got lamb shanks in red wine sauce today and there's a gammon knuckle baking as I speak with a honey, mustard and brown sugar dressing and soup on the go with the water I first boiled the knuckle in. It makes it easier at the moment to plan ahead.
All of my spices are still making there way from new york to london so I have been trying to cook without them. I went to the fish market yesterday and bought some wonderful cod. I cooked it up with a little salt and pepper olive oil and a drizzle of lemon. Some chopped tomatoes on top added some color. For the sides I served a green salad steamed vegetables and garlic bread. Sorry for the gramatical errors but until I get internet I have to use my blackberry and haven't figured out all the typing details yet.
Last night i had Chilli Nachos. Just took some left over chilli i had from the night before and some chips. Put it in the oven and the toped it with Cilantro (my favorite herb by far), green onions, Sour Cream, Mexican Corizo, and some more cheese. Wasn'tt he most healthiest thing in the world but i ran 8 miles that day so i burned most of ot if i think :D.
Last night I made a turkey meatloaf topped with salsa, along with some commercial Spanish-style rice, & plain buttered green peas. Comfort food!

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