What's up with the Performer?

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Sep 17, 2009
Newark, OH & Indian River, MI
Just in case you missed it elsewhere check out the Weber Sneakpeek. Not sure what the deal is with the last item, Performer, if you look close some of the shots in the video it does not have the gas-ignition system .. not sure what's up there??
Smokey Lew said:
I used the gas assist when I first got my Performer but stopped using it after a few months. My torch does a better job and it doesn't use as much gas.

Same here.
Must be a West Coast thing, when it is 35°, rainy and snowy I don't want to be standing around with a torch. Turn on the gas, hit the button, head in the house and come back out in 5-10 minutes and I got fire. Now if it were 80° here that would be a different story :LOL:

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