What's your favorite Halloween candy?

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My favorite Halloween candy is the mini-Snickers Bars and although I can't normally have sugar, I will nibble on one bar over the course of two days.
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Candy Corn. All the others can be bought anytime, but Candy Corn is traditional from my childhood long before Reeses Peanut Butter cups.

How could ANYONE give away Reese's anyway. I'd eat them all up myself. Love them too much to let them be just a Halloween treat.
They don't hand out 72% cocoa at Halloween. Pretty soon I'll be eating Baker's unsweetened chocolate. Working my way towards it, last year at this time I was @ 60%.
I like candy corn also and I know it is 99% pure sugar, but it since it isn't available any other time that is my choice at haloween.
Doesn't that get kind of bitter?

I'm working is so slowly I don't notice it. All of my plan to avoid Type II Diabetes...it runs in my family at my age and I really don't want to deal with it. And trying to keep Shrek on the straight and narrow is nigh unto impossible. He's on his second oral med, next stop is insulin for him.

So, I guess I'm taking the bitter with the sweet:LOL:
Since the question was about Halloween candy, I will stick to that.

Candy corn and the Brach's candy pumpkins are my favorites. Someone mentioned that candy corn is only available at Halloween--they have it year-round here, but I think Brach's (the best) is only available in the fall. (Brach's also made the best chocolate covered cherries, but they stopped making them a few years ago. My whole family is devastated over that terrible turn of events, as Santa always gave us Brach's chocolate cherries for Christmas!). :glare:

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