Who says you can't slow cook Boneless Skinless Chicken

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Jan 4, 2005
I put 3 boneless skinless chicken breast in a Teriyaki marinade in the morning so it would have a good soak. The weather was nice, but pretty hot and humid when I lit the grill, not a cloud to be seen. I go inside to cut up the vegetables and start the jasmine rice. Then I hear thunder and I'm like NO WAY. I look out back, still not a cloud in the sky, then out front and OH MY! MEAN LOOKING clouds and they were coming fast. I threw the chicken on to sear and before it was time to flip, this wind comes out of nowhere and I'm like what am I going to do. So I flip the chicken and put it on the indirect side, close the bottom ven 95% and the top 75% and hoped for the best and that the storm would be quick.........15 minutes go by and the storm is getting worse, 30 minutes....45.....hour.... finally it broke enough to go out and check the chicken and thankfully to my surprise, it was at 157º....shew, that was a close call. I thought we were gonna be calling Domino's for sure.

So, I grilled the veggies and basted everything with the reheated teriyaki marinade. Pretty good dinner that was almost a disaster!

Looked like south La. weather.

A friend of mine makes honey glazed chicken, Its real easy to.
Mix honey 50-50 with BBQ sauce & paint it on the nearly done chicken to make a glaze/candy like coat...
I was skeert just looking at that pic of the storm. :shock:
Way to go brotha' man! 8)
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