Whole Hog on a Rotisserie

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Jan 18, 2012
Hey guys my buddy asked me to cook a whole hog for him next month using his Rotisserie smoker problem I've never cooked a whole hog using a rotisserie set up so I was wondering if anyone has ever done a whole hog this way and whats the best way to do this? Any help would be appreciated thanks guys.
What kind of rotisserie does he have? Direct, indirect? Enclosed, not enclosed?
Yes yes..is it a ferris wheel type deal or maybe a person has to impale it or something. It makes a difference ya know?
OK Puff, if you're going to help the guy, make a list of questions and ask at once, at the rate you're going, the party will be over before he even starts! :LOL:
Nick for the first time you're right! Not alot of free time as you seem to have.
80 lbder.....enclosed unit.....charcoal...run it at 350 and start temping the big parts at about 7 hrs.
Hope this helps and I also hope this info isn't too late for your party. Good luck!
Hmmm..sounded like a Missouri hawg heater till you got to the indirect part. They nail split barrels together end to end then twirl them with some kind car axle as the spit rod. Has a chain and motor on one end..but they just sling a little charcoal and chunks maybe in the bottom of the barrels. So it would be direct enclosed I think. Maybe its for half hawgs. I aint sure now. Its been a while since I seen one.
getapit said:
I have found that stuffing the rib cage with meat, either pork butt or beef brisket portions helps to SLOW the process down, protecting the ribs from overcooking. Just a suggestion. That also supplies more meat for eating!

Would you stuff it the same way as if you were stuffing it with garlic,onions etc?
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