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Shakeys is awful stuff. I once met the owners of that place and they refused to eat in their restaurants. Their pizza was so bad it be better to put ketchup on the box and toss the pizza, and I do not like ketchup.
Little Ceasor's
Papa John's
Pizza hut kinda
Happy Joe's
And a place called Wild Willie's.
This little place in Olangapo, Phillipines. Some of the best food I ever ate was in the Phillipines. But this place's idea of pizza was Cambells tomato soup spread on a thin crust and baked with a bit of processed cheese on top.

Stateside, there's a place in Lakeside, Ca. that serves these pizzas that are about 2 1/2 feet wide. They are very large, and very plain.

Some of the best pizza I know of is served in one of the worst pizza places I know of. The pizza is like a giant Calzone and is just incredible. The sauce is great, the meat is great, the cheese is great, all the ingredients they have are great. And the flavor is great. Unfortunately, the place is badly mismanaged and home to unsavory after-hours practices. At least, that's the rumor. I won't name the place. I would hate to be the cause of trouble if the rumors are untrue.

Seeeeeya; Goodweed of the North
Oh come on GoodWeed, and SPILL...

Even better, write up what makes a good pizza...CANNOT STAND the rising crust crap, myself, and had a chance to eat pizza in Rome, which is crtainly different from here!

Round Table, Yech!! I must say that I really don't care for most chain pizza places. The best ones are usually the mom and pop places. We have a new one in the town about 30 miles from here that is excellent. One pizza I had from them had feta, sundried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts. It was sooo goood!!
middie said:
Domino's... it's like chewing on cardboard.
hungry howie's

I agree! There is a place in town, a mom-n-pop place. The crust is like cardboard and really greasy.
Recently returned from a two week vacation.

Used to phone up for pizza as soon as we got in the door.

Then we moved to the shrubbery and only Domino's will deliver out here.

This time we made pasta and jarred sauce.

Domino's is to pizza what pig liver is to foie gras.

i don't like any of 'em except for one, deepdish from the hut with double tomato and double cheese.
but they've gone downhill. big time.

we usually order from these two places where, at one, the owners have thick Italian accents and know good Italian food and LOAD the toppings on, (they make an awesome steak salad, too) and another where the place has been owned and run by several- 4, i think?- generations of an Italian family who also make great food. that place is really popular.
I can't stand Pizza Hut or Papa John's. If I had to eat a chain pizza, I would go with Papa Murphy's Take and Bake. I also prefer Mom & Pop operations. When we lived in Mountain View, CA there were three absolutely fabulous places within 2 miles of our house.
I miss Chicago pizza. We only have Domino's, Pizza Hut, and Papa John's around here. All are acceptable for those times when you don't wanna cook, but poor substitutes for anything special.
Wow I didn't realize there were Shakey's still around. When I was a little kid we loved to go there. I was amazed at being able to watch them through the glass making the pizzas and the piano music was really cook. Unfort., ours was shut down when they found a bunch of dog food cans in the dumpster outside the business :D Now whether they used it or were set up we'll never know. Funny but I don't recall whether I liked it or not just the other things I mentioned.

Where I live Pizza King is pretty popular. Hubby loves their pizza. I on the other hand can take it or leave it.
Lifter: You said "Better yet, write up what makes a good pizza". I can't say what makes a great pizza for anybody but me. We have to remember that everyone's tastes are different. When I was a kid, Chef Boyardee was a great pizza, especially loaded with extra sliced papperoni, onions, and saute'd mushrooms.

My first experience with anything than the thin crust pizzas (that were very good by the way before we had any chain pizza places in town)) was a deep dish pizza made by Square Pan Pizza, out of San Diego. I'd never had a pizza with so much sauce, and that thick, soft crust, I thought I'd gone to heaven.

Today, I like a thick soft, yeasty, but not sweet crust, with a hint of smokey fllavor (try cooking your next pizza over charcoal, yum :mrgreen: ). I like plenty of sauce, with the primary flavor of Oregano, but with a hint of sweet basil and tarragon, very light on the taragon. I like good Italian Sausage, and high quality pepperoni (hard to find anymore), Saute'd mushrooms, thin onion rings, diced bell pepper, sliced black olives, and of all things, topped with muenster cheese. It has more flavor than does mozzarela or provolone, but blends well with the other flavors and is so gooey-strechy.

Ironicaly, I learned the hard way that pizza is a grand blend, where no flavor is supreme. All flavors much work together to ballance each other and excite the pallate. I made this pizza that I thought was going to be incredible. I put extra thick everything on it. What it turned out to be was simply a mess. The flavors were too strong and overpowered the crust, and each other. It was like eating pizza sauce stew on top of undercooked pizza dough. I found out that the pizza, like all good foods, is all about ballancing the ingredients.

Making a good pizza now is almost second nature for me. I practiced. The dough has almost no sugar of any kind in it and is mildly yeasty and just slightly salty. It is almost bland, and very soft. The sauce is slightly sweetend with Splenda and contains Oregano as the prime flavor ingredient (besides the tomato that is). Toppings are applied to cover, but not smother. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to see sauce and crust through the toppings. Again, Muenster is my favorite cheese topping, but it is closely followed by a good Mozzarella. Though I love Cheddar, it does not go on my pizza.

Feta cheese would be great also, I think. But I haven't tried it yet.

I played with whole grain crusts, but the flavor wasn't right for pizza, at least not one with tomato based sauce and pepperoni. I can think of many toppings that would work though.

My wife doesn't like sauce on hers, but has to have ham and mushrooms. And my kids love pineapple on theirs., and any meat that's placed on top. I stick to the pepperoni and Italian Sausage.

Sot there you have it, my idea of great pizza. Some of you will agree with me, while others will think I'm crazy. I still love Square Pan Pizza, at least the twenty eight year old memory I have of it.

Seeeeeeya; Goodweed of the North

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