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I remember this song from "Monster Hits", one of my older son's favorite videos when he was a toddler in the early 90's.
(originally from 1987)

Healthy Food

Written by Christopher Cerf
1987 Splotched Animal Music BMI
sung by Cookie Monster (Frank Oz) in a rap format
Well, me known for eating cookie,
When me don't, they shout,
"Look, he trying to throw loyal fans a curve!
What he doing eating fish,
Or vegetable dish?
Man, he sure got a lot of nerve!"

Well, me answer you straight,
When me filling up plate,
Taking only cookies is all wrong!
'Cause you also got to eat
Fruit or veggies and meat
If you want to be healthy and strong!

Word up!

Healthy food!
Boy, it taste so good.
Me one healthy dude
'Cause me eat healthy food.
Me love it boiled or stewed,
Me love it whole or chewed.
You'd feel just great if you'd
Eat some healthy food!

Me promise that when you eat varied menu,
You get more out of every meal.
You need balanced diet,
Come on and try it!
Not believe how great you'll feel!

Munch some carrots or beans
Or poultry or greens,
Along with your chocolate chip.
And banana or plum
Will make you go, "Yum!"
Nutrition--- it really hip!

( repeat chorus )

There broiled spring chicken,
Grapes ripe for picking,
And swordfish, tuna and trout.
And apple and cherry,
And all kinds of berry,
And broccoli and Brussel sprout!

There lettuce, tomato,
Boiled new potato,
There spinach and celery and beet.
Milk and honey and cheese,
Peanuts, peppers, and peas,
Pears and peaches and cream of wheat!

( repeat chorus twice )

Oh My Jkath!!

I remember that song too, hahahahhaha. I didnt remember all the words but i was singing it as i was reading it! hahahahahahah Very funny! Thanks for taking me back in time!:LOL:
sadly, I can't remember where I parked my car when I get out of the grocery store, but I can remember silly lyrics! I attribute that to that particular video going at least 2x each day for what seems like years!

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