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Chief Longwind Of The North

Aug 26, 2004
This assumes that money is no issue, and you're in perfect health. Design your idea of the perfect ice cream sunday. Here's mine:
Built in a ten inch doughnut shaped pan All bottom layers are hot, and small enough to not fill you up before you can eat the sunday:

  • 1 scoop apple cobbler, with hot caramel topping, French Vanilla Ice Cream on top
  • 1 scoop hot strawberry shortcake, good strawberry swirl ice cream
  • 1 scoop cherry cobbler, with hot chocolate sauce, and chocolate fudge swirl ice cream
  • 1 square pineapple upside down cake with maraschino cherry, and walnuts, butter pecan on top with crushed pineapple
  • 1 brownie, with hot fudge, and chopped pecans, topped with vanilla gelato, and a cherry on top
  • 1 square banana bread with chunks of cooked bananas, and banana cream pudding on top, with vanilla bean ice cream
  • All of this topped with real Chantilly cream

There are other flavors that would be good. However, I don't think they'd all fit i the plate.:ohmy: And yes, this is excessive, and doesn't even have coconut, or lime.:LOL: It does have that hot/cold juxtaposition that I love.

Seeeeya; Cief Longwind of the North
My husband and I are going to have a full moon eclipse party tonight. I'm making a crustless pumpkin pie (w/molasses), and serving it with blueberry nice-cream. (nice-cream made with ripe bananas, frozen, blue berries, whipped in a food processor into an ice cream like texture)
Garnished with cocoa nibs.
All fat free, no refined sugar. We can eat as much of it as we want.:LOL:

I just took the pie out of the oven and there's time to cool it outside. The party starts at 2 am and lasts until we eat pie or 4 am. Now to find something warm to drink with it.

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