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Aug 25, 2004
Anyone drink this? Some gal at the deli where I shop said it is amazing. Well, I must have bought the wrong kind cause it tastes like medicine. It was burning all the way down. Is that the way it should be? The guy told me to drink it as it, don't mix. Please inform. Thanks
Hi In the Kitchen. Yukon Jack would burn without mixing it. Try mixing it with Mountain Dew on ice. I had that once and it wasn't bad.
MJ: Thanks I thought I was the only one who tried this stuff. Happy to hear it does have same affect on someone else. Thought I might be the odd one! Happy you answered and I have been drinking with water to dilute it. I will try the Mountain Dew or do you think Coke would be okay? I just don't like throwing something out. Once I make it I will eat it or drink whatever. Really have gotten some bad stuff once in a while. Thanks for your response and do you buy it again or is once enough?
Yes you could mix it with cola. Because you are one of my favorites here, In The Kitchen, I went and found a recipe for you ;)

Bun Warmer Jack

1 oz. Yukon Jack
3 oz. Coca Cola
Mix 1 part Yukon Jack with 3 parts Cola serve with ice.
I don't buy this stuff anymore. You can also store your Yukon in the freezer. It will be less harsh. You can also try this with Mellow Yellow.
MJ: Thanks for checking into this. Storing in freezer? Never thought of that. Maybe I can keep till holidays. They usually drink anything around those days. Anything to keep them going. Have you ever tried Fritz's Gingerale? We got some of that from specialty store and boy has that got good flavor. I usually not fond of Ginger Ale but this is good. Have great Root Beer too.
Maybe use it as a form of "Hot Toddy" with lemon, honey and hot water...when you are "loose enough" with that, the cola will do the job as a mixer, and you can avoid buying it again...



Delete this advice after you use it...I don't want to receive your complaints of the morning after...I ust don't want you polluting the ground with "jack"...which pretty much covers the Cdn review on "Jack Daniel's", come to think of it...as JD's is fit only for lighting unwanted things on fire...in my own opinion, of course...

Lifter, no complaints from me as long as I can empty the bottle without dumping down the drain. I have done that before and had guilt everytime I looked at the drain. Using as hot toddy sounds appropriate at this time of year. I heard alcohol is good for colds. Thanks for your input. I just don't ask my neighbors for any advice they all think I am a lush anyway. At least I feel happy once in a while.

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