Yummy elderflower sirup

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Feb 25, 2010
Devon UK
It's elderflower time here in the South of the UK and I am happily making lots of elderflower sirup. I am using an old family recipe and it's delicious. The sirup keeps for ages and dilutes about 1:10.

You need:

40 elderflower heads
2 l Water
90 g citric acid (or the juice of about 9 lemons)
3 kg sugar

Dissolve citric acid in water and put elderflower heads into the mix. Let it stand for 1 day. Add the sugar and make sure it dissolves. Let the mixture stand for another 12 hours. Pour liquid through a muslin into bottles and store in cool place.

Dilute with water to taste and serve cold.
...ohhhh how lovely this sounds. I found in my quick search that there are many drink variations using elderberry syrup (alcohol and non-alcohol) and the elderberries are loaded with vitamin C...so good for our immune system.

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