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Originally Posted by LPBeier View Post
So, he assigned me to make "Spam fried Rice" for 300. I cut 24 cans into 1/4 inch cubes! I am not sure I could ever look at the stuff again...but that won't stop me from going to Hawaii. Oh yea, how did it turn out? Let's just say there was lots of leftovers!
Oh my, 24 cans of Spam.... Spam fried rice is probably not my cup of tea. Now Portueguese sausage fried rice, that is some good eats!

For the past 20 years, I've avoided Spam musubi like brussel sprouts. I think Spam and thought who in the world can eat that??? But awhile back, I was in an adventurous mood and decided to order a side of musubi at a local plate lunch place after reading about it in one of my favorite Island blogs.

I was absolutely shocked that I liked it (and so did DH, a bigger shock). But that's the only way I can eat Spam and I much prefer Spam Low Sodium (don't care for the regular too much). The Spam has to be fried, dipped in teri-sauce and then on musubi. I tried tasting a bit of it unfried and no thanks. Reminds me too much of balogna.

Originally Posted by Saphellae View Post
Spam? Sorry but ick lol. That is some seriously processed meat right there (if we're talking about the same thing).
Yup! Spam, the world's most famous processed meat!
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Originally Posted by plumies View Post
I just got done making a batch of Spam musuhi with homemade teriyaki sauce. Excuse me while I go stuff my face now...
I didn't know that even existed outside Haikoo Zoo on Facebook!!
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Just made my breakfast, a warm crossiant filled with raspberry jam and chopped nuts and toast with orange juice
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Just so you know, in the Today's Menu and Food Talk Forum, someone starts a thread every day about what we are all making for supper. It's a great place to get inspiration!

Then, there's the What Are You Baking Today thread in that same forum.

There's a What's For Lunch thread floating around here somewhere too - I'll have to go on a search to find it There's also a What's For Breakfast thread somewhere too.

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