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Singapore Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice is by more the most popular dish in Singapore. It is served practically everywhere, in hawker's centres (fast food joints), restaurants and some hotels. The recipe below is one provided by Mandarin Hotel Singapore which serves the best chicken rice in town in one of its outlet, Chatterbox.


1.4 litres water or chicken stock
30gm chopped ginger
30gm garlic
Pinch of salt
30gm fresh coriander leaves
1 medium-sized chicken, about 2 kg

30gm chopped garlic
30gm chopped ginger
2-3 shallots
60gm rendered chicken fat
400gm rice, washed
500ml chicken stock
3 pandan (screwpine) leaves - leave it out if unavailable
Salt to taste

To serve:
12 iceberg lettuce leaves, julienned
1 cucumber, sliced thinly
2 tomatoes, sliced thinly
100gm tofu, diced
Light soy sauce and sesame oil, to taste

1. Bring water or chicken stock to boil in a deep pot over medium-high heat. Add ginger, garlic, salt and coriander leaves, then immerse chicken in liquid, making sure it is fully submerged. Cover and return to the boil, then adjust heat to maintain a steady simmer. Cook for 30 minutes, then carefully lift chicken out of the pot and plunge into a basin of cold water. Let sit for 1 hour.
2. Prepare rice. Heat chicken fat in a pot over medium heat and when hot, add garlic, ginger and shallots and saute for 2-3 minutes, or until fragrant. Add rice and stir well to coat grains with the hot fat. Add chicken stock, pandan leaves and salt. Cover and cook for 25 minutes or until rice is tender.
3. To serve, debone chicken, cut meat into strips and arrange on a bed of lettuce, cucumber and tomato slices, then drizzle with light soy sauce and ssame oil to taste. Add tofu to remaining stock and warm through, then ladle into soup bowls. Serve chicken with rice, tofu soup, and dark soya sauce, chilli sauce and ginger sauce on the side.

Note: Chatterbox's chilli and ginger sauces are highly guarded secrets, so here are other recipes for the sauces:

For chilli sauce:
Fry 2 chopped shallots in a little oil until pale brown and fragrant. Combine shallots, 1 chopped garlic clove, 1 teaspoon chopped ginger and 5-6 large red chillies in a blender and process to a paste. Add 2 tablespoons hot chicken stock, salt to taste and 2 tablespoons calamansi lime juice and process just to mix.

For ginger sauce:
Wash and chop 70gms of young ginger, then blend to a paste with 2 tablespoons chicken stock and 1 tbalespoon vegetable oil, adding salt to taste.


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This looks SO flavorful. I have chicken to poach in the fridge. Thank you!!

So, the chicken is served on the side (to the lettuce "salad") as is the soup? It isn't all lumped together.

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Gretchen, the chicken pieces and the salad should be together in one plate and then you drizzle soy sauce and sesame oil on top. The rice, soup and sauces are served separately. This is how the dish is served in eating places.

You can if you want pile them all up on a plate during serving, ie, rice with chicken and salad and a dollop of each sauce on the side for individual servings.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating!
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