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Question HELP with a teenage birthday party: ideas?

Hey!! I need help on some suggustions for my sons 14th birthday party.Being teenagers they are very BIG eaters, all of his friends love food, so does he. I am looking for some new ideas on what to prepare and serve at his party. I have my own ideas on what I am going to do, but I want to try some new things and ideas as well. What I am planning to do is, Pizza's, chicken in a marinade sauce( apricot,lemon, ,honey/soy,and chilli) that is 4 different dishes, not all together,all served with rice (fried of cause, then some cherrios,
(small red sausages,cocktail franks I think u call them) with of cause tomato sauce, bikkies and a dip,chips and of coarse lollies( all kids love them), but I want a few new ideas on what to serve as a main, before any sweets and junk food comes out, does anyone have any ideas, I am trying to keep it simple but exciting and interesting for the kids, so they dont waste any food. There will only be about 12 coming to the party and 4 of them will be sleeping over. So I need to keep them interested in the food, I dont want to serve all junk food. For the brekkie in the morning I plan to do pancakes and icecream with topping and fruit, with juice or milo( choc milk), and lunch is going to be a sausage sizzle and leftovers from the night before, and of coarse we will be having a birthday cake of some sorts.Any other ideas will be very much appriciated, just remember, keep it simple and easy, think of mum,( me ). Thanks heaps.

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I think I would make tacos for the crowd. Everyone loves them and you can have as many toppings as there are kids! Make soft shells for the meat and you're golden.
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Hey, Spirit, how about making a mountain of waffles ahead of time and freezing them for the breakfast? Just heat them up in the toaster or toaster oven. Would save you some time in the kitchen in the morning and waffles are a bit more substantial than pancakes. You can top them with the same things.

I used to make up a whole box of Bisquick (don't know if you get that where you are) into waffles on a weekend and freeze them to eat during the week. We have 4 sons and 1 daughter and, when they all lived at home, they could eat like lumberjacks.
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Try mixing a small jar of mustard with a small jar of currant, grape or apple jelly in a saucepan, heat and stir till jelly is dissolved and sauce is bubbling, and add your cocktail sausages. Let simmer for a while (I put them in a crock-pot). It's a delicious alternative to tomato sauce that everyone seems to love.
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-You always marinate some lamb chops with oil, garlic, parsley (or whatever u want to marinate with) and bbq them
-Good old snags of course LOL
-Garlic Prawns mmmmm
-Make a couple of lasagnes/ or instead of lasagne sheets use macarroni but cooked the same
-potato bake
-marinated chicken peices (on the bbq/in the oven/catered) depends how much time/money
-have some Corn on the Cob lol
-Shish Kebabs (if u don'thave time to make them theres always woolies, but i don't think they are that great are they? - can't member when i had them last from woolies lol)
-Calamari rings yummmm

will try and think of more :)

What's the birthday boys favourite food?
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My kids always wanted just a bunch of fun appetizers for their birthday parties. Pigs in the blanket (little sausages, wrapped in crescent rolls) would disappears with boys. If your doing a dinner type meal tho, have you ever seen Caesar salad on a stick? You thread chuncks of lettuce, olives, cherry tomatoes on a wooden skewer with dressing on the side for dipping. No knife and fork needed for this one.
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