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Here's the plan, I want to cook paella tonight, (this afternoon), using my outdoor DO. It's not very big, but I'm not serving a crowd, either. I was inspired by a new natural chorizo, fully cooked, that I saw in a local, family owned, very small grocery store. I picked up that, along with some chicken thighs, and rice. Now I know that opinions differ, but I picked basmati, because I adore it. I also can't afford the saffron, so I'm missing a key component. It was $23 at the regular grocery store. I need to go back out and pick up peas, forgot them... so I'll check another place.
I also picked up some shrimp that were on sale, shell on "easy peel" raw frozen. I bought a small box of chicken stock, to use as liquid, with a can of crushed tomatoes. Red peppers were on sale today, too, so picked up a couple of them as well.
I got onions and chilies at Farmer's Market Saturday.
I may try this over charcoal in the DO. It's not a big one, so will need to be careful about not making more than the DO can handle. Kind of a tending, cooking, all afternoon thing. Could top it off with a stroll and a cold one at the downtown FM tonight!

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Originally Posted by Seven S View Post
I dont mean to rain on anyone's parade here, but having received a Paella pan as a gift should be inspiration to learn how to make a Paella the right way. By that, I mean doing it the way it was meant to be used. Everything cooks in the same pan, be it at separate intervals. Using the right grain of rice (no Uncle Bens parboiled, Basmati or long-grain) and real saffron, etc are fundamentals. Cooking the chicken separately, and the rice separately and then assembling the dish in the Paella vessel just for presentation purposes to me is a waste. But that is just my opinion. I think it is a great opportunity to learn about a great culture, cuisine and classic dish.

NOTE: the links Adillo303 gave are a great start

did you take out a loan for the saffron? it is way expensive.
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