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?? Sunday Special- "some bones to pick"

Sunday Special- "some bones to pick"

In honor of Tiktaalik roseae

1. Many names of old animals such as dinosaurs and mastodons are in Greek
and Latin. Connect an official name of the critter with the approximation
of that name in English........
Triceratops a. Double-beamed
Pterodactyl b. Large Beast
Diplodocus c. Three-Horned face
Megatherium d. Tyrant Lizard-King
Tyrannosaurus Rex e. Wing Finger
Archaeopteryx f. Ancient wing
2. The oldest fossils of humans with modern features were found in Ethiopia
in 1967, and were re-dated in 2005. About how old were they?
a. 10,000 years old
b. 50,000 " "
c. 195,000 " "
d. 300,000 " "
3. Which of the Fifty States yield the most Fossils? (it's a tie, so you
need to name two.)
4. we take you back to that period known as the carboniferous period. (about
350 million years ago); lush , lush greenery, swamps, lush, lush-All those
forests became fossilized with time, leading to what fossil fuel?
5. speaking of all that vegetation, how many tons of that material turns to
enough crude oil to refine out one gallon of gasoline?
6. Not all states have a "state Fossil", which state hawks petrified wood as

1. C
2. C
3. Wyoming and Montana
4. Coal
5. about 98 TONS
6. Arizona

"Still, a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest"...
- Simon & Garfunkle
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